Art & Craft Activities

This is a part of our philosophy that all activities are essential to our curriculum, no expense has been spared in providing sophisticated art & craft studios where our faculty not only teachers, but also products their own professional art-work. Art & Craft is an important subject not only on its own but in the rest of education as well. Experiencing and making works of art benefits students in their intellectual. Personal and social development. Research studies point to strong relationships between learning in the arts and fundamental cognitive skills and capacities used to master other core subject, including reading, writing and mathematics. The importance of art education is for us to evaluate ourselves on how we connect with our surroundings. Art plays an important role in almost all aspects of education, from creativity to interpretation to discussion to understanding design. Our art studios are equipped to unleash each child's inherent talent. Guiding them through various techniques and helping children achieve their aspirations.

Music & Dance Activities

There are fully equipped studios for Indian traditional and contemporary dance that are spacious enough to allow our staff and students to choreograph works for future stage performances. The Indian and western music studios cater for both choral an instrumental music, reflecting our ethos and balances the students overall aptitude. An Aesthetic Experience Music serves as an aesthetic and an audio experience. In music are embedded various customs, values and beliefs of the common man. We, at Lawrence believe that dancing in all its forms must be included in the curriculum of noble education. Dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words and with expressions sets our education at a pace apart.

Sports Activities

A healthy body is an essential Pre-requisite for a healthy mind and a comprehensive physical education programme at APS ensures discipline fitness team spirit confidence and all round personality. We enjoy a tradition of excellence and our students have made a mark at the state level in tennis, basketball and volleyball. The facilities include: 1. Hockey 2. Gymnastics 3. Indoor Sports 4. Volleyball 5. Table Tennis 6. Basketball 7. Cricket 8. Throw ball 9. Aerobics 10. Football